Transition Town Expo

Transition Town Expo

Displays and exhibits open daily from 10:00am till 4:00pm

Public debates / discussion will be held throughout the week from the 6th to the 11th

Events Programme for the week 6-12 September


Sunday 6

6pm -c.8.30pm
Launch  at 'The Loaves & Fishes' (the Cathedral Hall).
Introduction to Transition Towns

Presentation and discussion: "How sustainable and resilient is [Greater] Wellington?"
with speaker: Paul Bruce.
Free drinks and nibbles to follow.

Monday 7

Debate: "Will peak oil save us from climate change?"
Speakers: Hilary Dussing, Brian Pepperell , Simon Tegg

Tuesday 8

Debate: "Global warming will be fantastic for Wellington"
Speakers: Jonathan Boston, Ray Ahipene Mercer, Geoff Keey

Debate "Local economies offer a solution to global economy problems"
Speakers: Deidre Kent, John Robinson & Prue Hyman



9+10  12.00 noon -2.00pm
Mini-presentations around particular displays/information tables; School visits welcome


Friday 11

Three presentations and discussion: "Urban Food Production"
Speakers: Sue Boyle of Operation Green Thumb, Sister Loyola, and Janey Lewis of Community Supported Agriculture

Three presentations and discussion: "Renewable energy: transport, and housing"
Speakers: Ian Shearer, Paul Bruce, Richard Morrison


Saturday 12

Discussion day: Information exchange and networking amongst groups, with others welcome to attend.

Information exchange and networking, between groups. Groups explain what they are doing and why, provide contact details and begin networking.


Afternoon tea (koha)


Discussion among all groups: Where to now? What do we want Wellington to be like in 2020, and how do we get there? What would we best do separately and what could we best do together? Where are the gaps?
And what about an EDAP (Energy Descent Action Plan) linking individual groups with this process?

Celebration, including a potluck meal, byo food and drink, in The Loaves and Fishes

Location / Venue: 
Wellington Cathedral of St Paul. Cnr Molesworth and Hill Street, Thorndon
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Wow! That's a fantastic poster!! Well done!! - Natalie

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Expo feedback

I was briefly in Wellington for a Hui and meetings, from Monday 7th to Thursday 10th, and as soon as I had a gap, made it my business to visit the expo.

Well done! it was very comprehensive and useful in a nice low key way, as it appeared to me. I was impressed by the level of organisation and the variety/range of participants, and even the venue.

The organisers and volunteers have created a great resource and model in this expo and I would like to know where it leads for Wellington and the various groups. Strategically, I'd imagine that the venue may assist in getting  Transition Towns to an older, more 'traditional organisation' individual, which can only be a valuable thing

Great work, an inspiration for the rest of us! (only a pity I couldn't make it to any of the presentations/talks/etc).

Oh man. This is awesome. A

Oh man. This is awesome. A very inspiring exhibition!