Workshop: Developing Our Inner Resources in Challenging Times

Developing our Inner Resources

in Challenging Times

A one day workshop, Postponed - New Date TBA 2009, Motueka

On the surface of it, life for us here in New Zealand may seem to be going on more or less as usual, yet if we open ourselves to the bigger picture we realize that the world is faced with major challenges. It takes courage to acknowledge feelings of fear, anguish, despair or depression in response to the global challenges of climate change, peak oil, the recession, wars, exploitation and overpopulation. Our society has a taboo on acknowledging these feelings yet they are a measure of our caring and our capacity to feel compassion for the world. In the face of what is happening, how do we avoid feeling overwhelmed, turning off, and just immersing ourselves in the many diversions and demands of our daily lives? It is essential that we learn to look at things as they are, and develop our inner resources to act compassionately and boldly. In doing so we play our small part in healing the world, and simultaneously empower ourselves to live effectively and joyfully.

In this workshop we will create a trusting environment within which we can examine our responses to the global, local and personal challenges that we face. We will use the psychodrama method to assist us to see things through the eyes of others who may have values very different from our own, to resolve inner conflicts and to access our joy and strengths.

Jacob Moreno the founder of the psychodrama method, believed that a truly therapeutic procedure must address not only the individual, but also our relationships and the whole of society.

Facilitator: Katerina Seligman. TEP (ANZPA) M.Sc., Dip. Ed.

Katerina was born in postwar Czechoslovakia in 1946. She comes from a family of survivors, first of the holocaust, and then the facist Stalin regime. She has lived in Aotearoa for over 30 years and is a certified psychodrama trainer, educator and practitioner (Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama Association). She has spent her whole working life assisting people to develop their relationships, strengths and abilites. Katerina is a lively grandmother, a student of Te Reo and Te Tikanga Maori, and has extensive experience in Buddhist meditation. She brings warmth, wisdom and a sense of fun to her work.

Venue: The Riverside Community and Cultural Centre 10 minutes from Motueka.

Date: Saturday 22nd August 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.

Applications: E-mail or phone Katerina (see details below) with your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.. Fee $60. A deposit of $20 will secure a place. Discounts can be negotiated for those who find the fee genuinely prohibitive.

For more information: contact Katerina at:

E-mail : Phone: 03 5280194 Mobile:021 1590263 ,

Address: 20 McGlashen St., Motueka.