Garden Diary of Grant Douglas - 2nd Week of September

Hi Everyone,


What a stunning few days!  No excuses for not having got into the vege garden this weekend and caught up with things unless, of course, you happen to have slipped on the morning ice and broken something.  These frosts are a good reminder of not getting carried away with tender stuff too early outside.


Remember to keep a succession of Brassicas, Lettuce etc planted.  A small number often is far more successful than one large planting.  It is important to place your plants at correct spacings.  Cram them in and they will not do so well.  Spacing affects both light and nutrient levels.


If you have small seedlings such as Pepper, Tomatoe, Basil coming on in a protected environment, watch out for aphids as this is the time of year they will be starting.  The physical evidence of this will be distorted leaves.  This can be overcome through use of a home-made insecticide (soap, garlic, rhubarb), but I find Pyrethrum most successful.  Do not use it in the heat of the day, or if plants are under stress, as it may burn them.


If you are planting out onions or sowing carrots remember that soil nutrient levels, especially nitrogen, are better on the medium to lower side.  So you can go easier on the compost/manures for these.



Sowing or Planting this week:


Brassicas - Cauli, Cabbage, Broccoli, Broccoflower

Garlic (still time to get these in)



Peas (this year I am growing Easy Peasy - low growing, heavy cropping)

Perpetual Spinach

Potatoes (If you already have some in, get a second lot sprouting)

Red Onions

Silverbeet (Plants can go in now so that they will be ready by the time your existing plants are going off to seed)

Spring Onion

Sugar Snap Peas



Sow Direct:


Chinese Greens



Mescalun Mix





Sow now for early outdoor planting:




Sow now for Greenhouse planting:





Plant now in Greenhouse





Still time to plant Strawberries.


Asparagus seed can be sown now for crowns for planting out next year.


Happy Gardening!   Grant