Grant's Garden Diary - 3rd week of September

Hi Everyone,


Thought you might enjoy this:


THE WEATHER - Although we have reached the period of the year when we might naturally expect to enjoy the balmy breath of Spring, the cold hand of Winter still presses upon us.  The heavy masses of snow which have continued to lie on the lofty mountains that so nearly surround us, have imparted a chilliness to the atmosphere, though the weather has been generally fine;  but yesterday morning, with the wind from the south, the hills immediately around the town, at an elevation of 2,000 feet, were all found to have received a thin coating of snow during the preceding night.  Except in sheltered situations, vegetation is still backward, but we fear this recent cold will damage some of the bloom of the more tender fruit trees. 


From the Nelson Examiner 6 October 1860  (Don't you just love the language)


A hundred and fifty years later, and Spring is still as unpredictable as ever.  Looks like we are in for a nice spell this week, so garden preparation can proceed at full steam (21degrees forcasted for tomorrow).


If things you have sown into the garden are germinating eg raddish, carrots, chinese greens, etc, scuff up the soil between the rows to get rid of germinating weeds - so much easier to do it now than waiting until you actually have to pull or hoe them.


Zucchinis are probably the most hardy of the summer tender vegetables and so if you are in a warm spot and have plants big enough, you could try planting them out with a bit of protection (a fruit juice bottle, with the bottom cut off and the lid removed) and some extra frost cloth at night.


Grass is growing fast, so make good use of this wonderful source of organic material.  Layered in the compost bin, dug straight into the garden in areas to be used in a few weeks, or as a light mulch around plants already in the garden (good protection from heavy spring rains, plus some food for the worms).  If your neighbours are not using theirs, ask them if you can have it (be careful of lawn herbicide use).


If your peas and broad beans are getting some height on them get them staked or supported before those spring winds arrive.


Sowing or Planting this week:

Brassicas - Cauli, Cabbage, Broccoli, Broccoflower

Garlic (still time to get these in)



Peas (this year I am growing Easy Peasy - low growing, heavy cropping)

Perpetual Spinach

Potatoes (If you already have some in, get a second lot sprouting)

Red Onions

Silverbeet (Plants can go in now so that they will be ready by the time your existing plants are going off to seed)

Spring Onion

Sugar Snap Peas

Zucchini (for warm areas, with extra protection)


Sow Direct:


Chinese Greens



Mescalun Mix




Sow now for early outdoor planting:





Sow now for Greenhouse planting:





Plant now in Greenhouse







Still time to plant Strawberries.


Happy Gardening!   Grant