Kiwis for 350 formal petition to House of Representatives

We have launched the only formal written petition to go to Parliament on climate change policy.

It urges the Government to use the 350 ppm CO2 equivalents as the policy basis for all legislation and international negotiations - and that we all work together knowledgeably and in partnership to reach this target. 

We are trying achieve a sense of shared direction and positive action over the challenges of climate change. We have so many skills and good ideas in this country.  We need to harness that very real resource, and use it for our country's and the world's benefit.

New Zealand can only benefit economically if it is an early formal acknowledger of what the scientists are telling us about climate change, and uses this as a point of difference to promote our country and its products. Such actions will also make us more internally resilient.

PLEASE if you agree, download the petition or go to - print it out, sign it, get everyone in your world to sign it, and return to the address on the petition by 2 December so we can present it on the eve of Copenhagen


Nicky Chapman, Port Chalmers

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Supporting 350 petition

Well done Nicky!

I'll circulate this via our networks and encourage all others to do so. Along with other grassroots campaigns this one is crucial to plug the wiggle room most of our politicians are trying to maintain. Lets let them know that their support depends on them giving us support in ensuring the survival of diversity of life on this planet.