Kiwis for 350 petition - more than 3,000 signatures in just on 3 weeks

The ‘Kiwis for 350’ petition has 3,100 signatures - and I expect more over the weekend! If you have any lurking, get them to Caritas in Wellington by Monday morning!

I think it's a pretty strong response, given the short time frame (3 weeks), and the busy time of year.  Even over these few weeks, I think Kiwis are getting more knowledgeable, more concerned, and they want to act positively - and they want their Government to do the same.

I'll be presenting the petition to Greens co-leader Russel Norman on Monday the 7th of December at 12.30, outside Parliament. Fellow conspirators Caritas, Wellington 350 representatives, various Christian churches’ representatives and school children will also be there.  Be great to see any of you along there too.

Press release attached - and thanks for all your help.

Nicky Chapman


Kiwis for 350 press release 091204.doc28.5 KB
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Cool :) I will be there

Cool :) I will be there

Thanks Rimu

sorry - didn't read this til got home to Dunedin - were you there? Sorry to have missed you if you were, but thanks for support too.

Good that we had National, Labour as well as Greens and Dr Jonathan Boston there as well as 350 and Caritas - all adds to the common voice!