Let's Do It! Anything is possible

"Let's Do It!" - a grassroot initiative to clean up the country from illegal waste in just one day. There was over 10 000 tons of illegal waste lying around all over Estonia and it was an outrageous plan -- to clean it all up on one day! More than 600 volunteers were working to make it all happen with only 3 full-time employees. On May 3, 2008 with help of 50 000 volunteers more than 10 000 tons of garbage gathered and Estonia was cleaned up from illegal waste.


A friend sent me this and I unsuspectingly clicked play. I grinned, chuckled, laughed, cried and wept to see the power of imagination and collective action. 50,000 people coming together for one day to achieve something great. Sure beats sitting in front of the TV!

Some friends who coordinate Grey Lynn 2030, a Transition Towns initiative in Auckland.

This kind of action epitomises the guiding principle they use for all their meetings:


Positive vision, Practical action

If you know of more stories like this, please let me know.

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Hi James

Hi James I might take you up on that offer to come down to ChCh - have 2 things coming up you might be interested in. Drop me a line on 021 318548 or shane.orchard@ymail.com if you can!!



It's an amazing story of team

It's an amazing story of team work - it brought tears to my eyes.  But where did they put all the rubbish?  It looked as if it was all being plastic bagged for landfill.  Are they following up with a reduce, reuse recycle campaign?