Minutes Monthly Meeting Tuesday 10 November 2009



Transition Pt. Chevalier – November public hui minutes


Present: Ruth, Geoff, Amanda, Walter, Jenny, Esther, Niki, Ellen, Keith, Deryn, Alisha, Anthony, Jos, Sam, India, Anton, Hanna



Treasure Hunt – feedback / debrief

Treasure Hunt celebration (Deryn)

Purchasing Group update

Garden Group update


Xmas party (Beach picnic)

Library Group

Environment Day


Pt. Chev Primary

350 Day of Action


*TPC = Transition Pt. Chevalier


Treasure Hunt


Feedback on the Treasure Hunt:

Suggestions for future:

lolly scramble next time; more publicity – media exposure; more local history; more sustainability related activities



Snacks, refreshments along the way (perfect for young ones)

Wishing Tree

Mahurehure marae

Keith & Niki’s garden

Seeing lots of bikes on the roads

Lion’s Club

Battle on the Beach (Rangimatarau re-enactment)

Countdown to event signs on roads (they really worked!)

Diversity of people participating (all ages etc.)

Seeing and meeting new people in the community

Follow Up:

Photos from Treasure Hunt available through website (flickr link)

Geoff to write up article on the event

Treasure Hunt team planning to meet up and debrief


Purchasing Group

Needs to discuss structure for including new people

Hoping to expand


Garden Group

Visited Cecile’s place at the last garden visit

Looking for a garden to visit next month

Next garden visit is Dec. 5th @ Pasadena Intermediate School


Community Gardens

Has new planting plan

Ran two hot composting workshops – 4 weeks ago

Growing seedlings



Ruth ready to hand over role

Will send out communication to the network asking for others to put their hands  up to take on the role


Xmas get together / beach picnic

Several people are interested

Friday, Dec. 11th @ 6 pm


Water Privitization

Deryn suggested making links with other Transition groups re: SuperCity and water privatization

Niki suggested organizing more time at next meeting or first meeting of new year to discuss in more detail

Pass to next agenda


Environment Day – Dec. 5th – Sign On

Walter will send out communication to TPC network to organize a TPC group to go


St. John’s Youth (Sam, Anton and India)

National youth development programme

10-20 members – almost all live in Pt. Chev

They will present more about their organization next meeting


350 / Western Springs

“Gumbies” movie premiere to be screened at Western Springs College

350 event at Western Springs and Pasadena Intermediate




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