Media Training

In response to what could be a growing need for having a few wise words in your back pocket, here is a place where we can offer our thoughts on how one might respond to various questions.

These are sound bite options, snippets that are easy to call up when needed.

What is Peak Oil? The point where we have used half of what's there, then output falls and increased demand can't be met. Oil gets very expensive and some start going without.

What is a Transition Town?

A community-led response to PO and CC, looking to increase local resilience by developing ways to meet more of our needs locally.

How can we respond to this PO crisis?

  • We can realise that everything is changing, and then actively embrace the change to create the kind of world we want.
  • As global imports become more expensive there will be opportunities for local business to arise and fulfill our needs.
  • Develop Community Resilience Plans for all communities [more likely to be an accepted name than Energy Descent Action Plan].
  • Get involved everyone! All our skills, knowledge and energy together will develop and implement our plan for local resilience in face of global problems.
  • TT representatives are happy to help anyone start to sort out options.
  • Support local communities to find their local solutions by making funding easily available.
  • Urge local govt to reassess LTCCP plans and annual reviews in light of PO and CC.

Will society fall apart?

It's up to us. Our daily choices will determine what the future looks like. Human beings have shown great courage and creativity in the past, I assume they will in the future.