PERMACULTURE DESIGN COURSE: Friday 30th April - Sunday 16th May. Tutors: Jo Pearsall and Bryan Innes. Jo Pearsall and Bryan Innes are experienced permaculture teachers, members of PINZ and creators of the Ecoshow - they have been practising and teaching permaculture for many years. The course covers sustainable living systems for a wide variety of landscapes and climates and has 5 key components: ETHICS: care of the earth, care of people, limits to consumption/share the surplus. PRINCIPLES: the principles of ecology applied to human needs. PATTERNS: observing and understanding the patterns inherent in our environment as a basis for living in harmony with them. STRATEGIES and TECHNIQUES. This is an extensive 14 day course and participants will obtain an internationally recognised qualification by completing a permaculture design project. Cost: $1000-$1500 - two options available. Please contact Giverny Gardens on 09 372-2200 or Email: for more information.

Location / Venue: 
Waiheke Island, Auckland