Fungi. The Soil Maker.

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Fungi. The Soil Maker.

I am wondering if anywhere in New Zealand there is a company that focuses on fungi, such as legendary fungophile Paul Stamets' company Fungi Perfecti (found at

They offer fungi spores and grow kits for growing mushrooms, as well as mycorrhizal fungi mixes which have been forumlated aid the growth of plants and build healthy soil.

They also sell immune system boosting mixes of fungi such as Reishi.

Stamets also pioneered a fungal treatment for termites that works cheaply, effectively and most importantly healthily.

I have inquired but they cannot ship any of their products to New Zealand, due to biosecurity reasons.

I'm wondering if there is a company, or any sources, for such things in New Zealand.

If not, there is an opening in the market and there is a really solid example that can be followed.

I would say something like this for NZ, with native NZ fungi would be a hit with organic farmers, gardeners, permaculturists and councils.

Plus it would give mycologists a market, and help promote more than just portabellos.

Also, check out Dirt! The Movie, Mycellium Running and the TED talk by Paul Stamets.