Warkworth Meeting Minutes

Steering Committee Minutes

Warkworth Steering Committee Meeting. Wednesday 25th June, 2008-06-28. 7:30pm(ish) Present: Larry Cates Jenny Green Richard Bromley Bruce Eirena Jefferson Chapple Apologies: There were many apologies but unfortunately I don’t have a record of them all. Everyone introduced themselves, giving a short history and reasons for their involvement in the group. Reasons for participation included: community, connection with the land, wanting to live as part of, and make, a happy, healthy community, grass roots, self sufficiency, food production, grass roots nature of the organisation. It was agreed that ‘Keeping the Vision Alive’, ‘structure’ and ‘process’ were important to attend to at this stage of the group’s development. Under structure, it was agreed that the following arrangement is called for: Steering committee that meets every third Wednesday of the Month at Jenny Green’s house at 17a Wech Dr, Warkworth. Main transition town group, that meets every second Friday of the month at the Catholic Hall on Alnwich St, central Warkworth. Sub Committees, to meet according to the wishes of each subcommittee. It was agreed that the initiation of the subcommittees was to be a priority and each steering committee member took responsibility for the initiation of the subcommittees as outlined below (although they did not take responsibility for the leadership or for ongoing participation in the subcommittees they chose to initiate): Food subcommittee: Larry Cates Energy subcommittee: Bruce Eirena Health subcommittee: Jefferson Chapple Community currency subcommittee: Richard Bromley Education subcommittee: Jefferson Chapple Transport subcommittee: Jefferson Chapple It was agreed that this was not an exhaustive list of possible subcommittees but merely a good starting point. It was agreed that all mass emails sent to the Warkworth transition town members will respect members privacy by listing email addresses using the BCC (blind copy) option when emailing. The next Warkworth Transition Towns meeting was planned s follows: Intro: Richard to restate the vision of the group (10 mins, until 7:40-7:45) Short Video relevant to the movement (Bruce to arrange, to finish at 8pm) Visiting speaker: Richard to invite Geoff, the founder of the Orewa TT group, to speak for a maximum of half an hour, to finish at 8:30 so as to allow enough time for general discussion, drinks and food. Finances: Richard informed the group that to date the gold coin Warkworth TT meeting donations have covered the cost of hall hireage. It was agreed among the steering committee meeting members that they would each donate up to $5 towards the cost of fuel reimbursement for Geoff from the Orewa group to come and speak at the next main meeting. It was agreed that from this point forward all donations and expenditure will be tracked and recorded in these minutes. Richard will act as treasurer and inform Bruce, who will post the details in these minutes. Richard agreed to post details of the next Warkworth TT meeting on Public noticeboards in Warkworth. Bruce agreed to ask the Warkworth Library to buy the TT Handbook. It was agreed that a discussion and agreement upon how the steering group makes decisions it important, but there was no time left to discuss this in depth. Jefferson suggested that we adopt an “agree to agree” approach (which is a ‘harmony’ model) to decision making and offered to forward members further information on this approach before the next steering committee meeting. This is to be discussed at the next steering committee meeting. The meeting ended at 9:45 and people ventured into the raging storm to find their way home.