Edible Wild Fungi and Food information desperately wanted.

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Edible Wild Fungi and Food information desperately wanted.

I'm wondering if there are any experts on edible wild fungi in New Zealand, particularly in the Wellington area. I am among a number of people looking to learn more about what is forageable in New Zealand.

If you know of any books or resources that offer good information, in particular on fungi, preferably with photographs and good descriptions, on what is edible and what is poisonous. Please post details here.

If you are an expert on such things, or know of one, please contact me at fredd@freefood.org.nz . I am thinking of putting together a workshop/guided tour/nature walk on wild food in the area.


There are also discussions on the Free Food New Zealand facebook pages:

Free Food New Zealand Facebook Page: http://bit.ly/cjJ8Qb

Free Food New Zealand Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/aY3NUl

Please feel free to contribute any books or websites that may have good information about wild food in NZ. Fungi, plants, trees etc. The more information the better.

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fungi book

Hi there, I too am interested in foraging [& freeganing]...I have recently bought "Edible & Poisonous Mushrooms" for Australasia by Hall, Buchanan, Yun, & Cole.....an illustrated guide to the most common mushrooms....may I suggest that you contact Te Papa - there will be a curator of fungi there.
I have a website on wild foods [just new, so am still adding content] www.pavlovasdog.weebly.com
At present I am exploring my local area [Browns Bay on the North Shore of Auckland] for wild edibles, as well as visiting farmer's markets. The AK zoo & museum have expressed interest in what I am doing....I would be keen to liaise with you re the idea of foraging tours, especially in the urban environment - we Kiwis are used to our food mass produced & shrink-wrapped at the supermarket - tasteless as well as totally devoid of nutrition.
The other aspect to this subject, of course, is that foraging skills could be most useful for survival in the event of a natural disaster/infrastructure failure...
My latest venture is the rearing of mealworms in my pantry, & am trying to find what NZ insects are edible, other than the huhu & crickets....
Have also just bought "Simply Living - a gatherer's guide to NZ's fields, forests, & shores" by Gwen Skinner [1983]
cheers martin
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