GARDENERS ALERT! PCTT October Garden Group Meeting - 03 Oct 2010

Invitation to all keen gardeners to Heidi's place for the first Garden Group meeting of Spring!
  (If you do not want to receive information about the Garden Group activities, plse let Deryn at know. Apologies if you've done that already!) 
16 Newell St
Pt Chevalier
Sunday 3 October 2010
4 o'clock

It'll be at 4 o'clock because it'll be daylight saving time then. Remember to invite friends who might be interested. The theme of the meeting will be everything that happens in spring!:

swap seeds: Bring along your seeds for a swap. If you're after something specific, you're welcome to send around a request.

swap seedlings: If you're sowing seeds before the meeting, can you put in a few more and bring along some seedlings to swap?

sow: Those who sow seeds frequently can demonstrate their methods to those who don't.

prick 'em out: Some people are scared of handling the little plants. Let's do some pricking out while you're here. (BTW I can sell the trays that I prefer to anyone interested for $8 each. It's hard to get trays deep enough for the plants to get to a size that's big enough to withstand the slugs and snails, so I bought a whole box of 40 when I could.)

subtropicals: It's a good time to plant them in spring. I'd love to discuss everyone's Pt Chevalier successes or plans for subtropicals.

pruning: Late spring pruning for fruit trees is favoured by some now. We could discuss options and techniques if the interest is there.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all here. And now I'll go back out into the mud. It seems spring has sprung a leak! ( :) An oldie but a goodie.)