Hands On! Sustainable Living Skills Festival

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On Sunday, 10th October (10/10/10), as part of the 350.org Global Work Party, Devonport is hosting the...

Hands On! Sustainable Living Skills Festival 

This free event is open from 10am to 2pm at the Community House in Clarence Street, Devonport (around the corner from the supermarket). 

The event is all about giving attendees ideas on how they can make simple changes in their lives which help to make our world a better place.  And, these are changes that are enjoyable, or healthy, or good for the bank balance, or all three!

We've been amazed at the skills and knowledge that local people and groups have, and are willing to share amongst the local community. Equally, we've been grateful for great support from many others in helping us with ideas, contacts, raffle prizes, and other essential support.

To give you an idea of what the day holds, here are some of the many activities planned for Hands On! on 10/10/10...

Creating a buzz...
Bees are essential to our existence. Without their free pollination service we would not have food on our table, and the varroa mite pest is severely affecting bee numbers here and overseas.  Bee-keeper Kerry McCloud will be explaining how important bees are, and how easy it is to keep your own bees. 

How going weedy can give you strength...
As well as sharing her expertise in vegetable growing and permaculture, local resident Linda Christiansen will be showing how we can get nourishment from some of those unwanted weeds.

Jacob's bike...
Do you have any idea how much human effort is needed to boil a cup of water, or power a TV?  Electrician, and permaculture enthusiast, Jacob is busy making bike powered electricity generators, using re-used components, to help demonstrate just how much power we have at our fingertips when we flick a switch at home or work.  Ride your own bike to the show and then try to power a toaster, or a light bulb!

A decongestion medicine for Lake Road...
No doubt the candidates for the new local board wish they had the solution to the Lake Road traffic dilemma.  Well, Ben and Rosie from the Travel Smarter project will be offering advice on how to make the problem less painful!

Here comes the sun...
Using the sun as a heating and power source has been slow to develop in New Zealand.  But Devonport is home to one of the largest residential solar water heating installations in the country, at the Devon Park complex in Stanley Bay.  Installation expert Allan Davidson will be explaining more about the project, the technology, and the financial benefits.

Keeping the lights on...
Local resident, and renewable energy expert, Bram Waters was unaware of a recent power outage in the Mount Victoria area of Devonport.  That happens when you go energy independent.  With a small wind turbine and a couple of solar panels, Bram generated all his own electricity, and even sold some back to the electricity companies!  Bram will be sharing his knowledge in this exciting area.

And much more...keeping chickens, bike maintenance, green cleaning, making a veggie box, composting, spinning and knitting, seasonal cooking, growing mushrooms, making preserves, a childrens’ art display, and more.


And Hands On! is kid-friendly!  We have lots of fun activities planned for the kids, and we'll have refreshments and snacks available.


We hope you have found this newsletter interesting, and please pass on to others who may be interested in the event.


And if you’re keen to help on the day, or find out more about our group, please contact Phil by replying to this email.

Hope to see you on 10/10/10 at 10!

Cam, Gabe, Glenis, Lance, Maya, Phil

(The event organisers, Transition Town Devonport group)


Hands On! is a free, community event, being organised by the Devonport Transition Town group (www.ttdevonport.org.nz). It is one of thousands of events happening throughout the world on 10/10/10, as part of the 350 Global Work Party (www.350.org), taking action on climate change.


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Location / Venue: 
Devonport Community House (32 Clarence Street, Devonport)