Automatic Earth has released 80 min presentation

On the right is a banner where you can buy a password to view Nicole Stonleigh's presentation.  It costs $12.50 US ($16.30NZ) and for that you can view it unlimited times, but you can't download it.

You probably can, however, give your password to someone else.

I was fortunate enough to listen to an audio of Stonleigh giving her presentation to a TT event, and someone had the slides online so I could follow it.  They were subsequently taken down, and this is now the only way you can view the whole presentation.

I strongly recommend that at least one person in each region buys the password and hosts a viewing night.  This is so closely linked with the messages of the TT movement, but somehow Stoneleigh is able to create such a convincing arguement that carries with it such a sense of urgency that action is inevitable.


Nicole Foss and the Stoneleigh presentation

I have a dvd of this presentation. We showed it at Kaitaia TT and it will be shown again at a BPW special meeting at the Orana in Kaitaia on Saturday May 28th at 2.00pm. Cost will be $10. This was not expenisve to buy, only about $25 and it is a worth while investment.

Another important presentation

I also purchased Chris Martenson's Crash Course, his presentation tying together climate, finance, population and the end of cheap resources of which oil is only one. We are also running out of copper and other minerals important to our industrial / technological civilisation. This is available on You Tube in easily viewed chapters. The whole thing runs about 6 hours but is clearly presented and easy (if you don't mind feeling like you have been punched in the gut as I did the first time I saw it) to view. TTKaitaia got 3 more sets for use in awareness raising and strategy planning meetings. We can make at least one of these available for other local TTs who want them. Chris gives a discount for people who are wanting to raise awareness. I got 33% off as I recall for the 4 sets.