Grey Lynn Farmers' Market- A Christmas Treat

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A Christmas Treat
Making sustainability a success for the community.

Treat yourselves to the Grey Lynn Farmers’ Market festive Twilight Market this December. Join us on Saturday, 18th December from 1.30pm to 5pm at the Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn.

The community-owned and operated Grey Lynn Farmers’ Market (GLFM) is proud to announce its pre-Christmas market to be held on the afternoon and evening of the last Saturday before Christmas. Take the opportunity to shop for all your last-minute Christmas treats and gifts from the market’s wide range of local food produce, including jams and pickles, olive oil, fudge, fish and fresh vegetables. And to add to the festive atmosphere there will be live entertainment and more.


Location / Venue: 
Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland