Canterbury & Otago Regional Gathering

We are aiming to hold a regional gathering for transition town groups in Canterbury & Otago on the weekend of 2/3 April.  We have discussed the potential benefits of the idea with lots of people from different groups.  It seems that this could be a fantastic forum to share ideas, build connections, and to have a fun social get-together.

The plan at this stage will be for us to host the event here in Timaru.  We will have a mostly open-space based event on the Saturday, with a meal & social get together in the evening.  Initial ideas for discussion were - what has worked & what hasn't for our groups, where to next?, and what if any regional networking structure do we want.  Our members in Timaru will hopefully be able to provide accommodation.  On the Sunday morning we will have some form of event down at our farmers market in Caroline Bay.  We will aim to finish with a shared lunch. Costs to participants should be minimal.

Any feedback & suggestions would be very welcome.

Please forward this information as widely as possible to your group.  The success of this event will hinge on being able to get a good number of attendees.


Steve Earnshaw
Transition Timaru

Location / Venue: