Help support Lyttelton community-led earthquake response

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Help Lyttelton community rebuild from the grassroots up! Project Lyttelton and the Time Bank are leading an innovative, heart based community response to the earthquake. They have set up a donate button on their website - please visit, read the stories emerging from this amazing community and, if you feel moved to, help support sustainable community-led actionthrough a donation! please feel welcome to share this message through your networks.

Project Lyttelton is committed to creating an inclusive, sustainable, connected community and is a registered charity.

Community leader and Project Lyttelton Chair Margaret Jefferies sent out this message today:

I am sending this message to many people that are on my data base – mostly outside of Lyttelton. It includes family and friends and people I have made a connection with in the different areas of my life.

 I know most of you will be aware of the earthquake that struck us the other day. I am also aware that the media doesn’t always get it right. And I think the reason for that is because in our old way of doing things we tended to focus on the dramatic, the pain, the downside. I think what is happening in Lyttelton is something extraordinary. We are striving for a more balanced view of life – and doing it that way makes it possible for us to create and move forward despite our sadness. Love is palpable in this community.

 If you want to keep in the loop as to what is happening in this community which I love, look at our website – it is being updated constantly – so you can see how we are doing.   

 Keep sending us those loving thoughts. I’ve read enough of quantum physics, to understand about the power of the ‘field’. After all, we are all interconnected!

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Greetings from Lyttelton

Hello Anneleise! At long last, after you telling me all about Lyttelton and all the amazing things they were doing here in 2009, here I am volunteering for the community after the devastating earthquake. It is a wonderful community, which has pulled together very well, and is supporting each other. I have written a bit about it on my blog, After meeting the people involved in Project Lyttelton, and seeing myself how well the project is run, and how amicably people work together for the good of the community, I would love to see more funding for Project Lyttelton. I can see the money would be put to good use here - and it goes right to the community, none siphoned off to run some big organisation before it gets here. Thank you for writing about it in the Transition Towns newsletter.
Big hugs,