Environmental Issues and Debates: Massey talks Sustainability

There is little doubt New Zealand will have to adapt to climate change related impacts over the next few decades, yet exactly how much sea levels will rise, extreme weather effects will occur. or agricultural production be affected remains uncertain. Mitigation options such as renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency are available and well understood, and others such as biochar and reduced methane emissions are developing in order that we can meet our Kyoto obligations to return to 1990 greenhouse gas emission levels during the 2008-2012 period. Yet this target is unlikely to be met, even with our carbon absorbing plantation forests offsetting some fossil fuel emissions. Yet, we still are discussing turning lignite into fuels and nitrogen fertilizer at the high costs of carbon emissions and exploring for oil. The emission trading scheme is in place but hardly making any impact, carbon dioxide capture and stor-age remains elusive, those advocating nuclear power for NZ have probably become quiet after recent events, and the age of cheap conventional oil has gone. This presentation discusses possible future op-tions for New Zealand – the choice is to lead or lose.

Prof Ralph Simms:
Climate Change and New Zealand— leader or loser?

Location / Venue: 
Palmerston North Library - Sound & Vision Zone,

Write-up of Palmy North event.please!

Could we have a write-up of the salient points of Prof. Simms presentation after the meeting, please. I have requested this of other event organisers, so far to no avail- Thanks.

Hi Kev, I have e-mailed my

Hi Kev, I have e-mailed my work mate about this, her reply below;

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We are having each of the speakers talks recorded as digital recordings, so I could possibly make one of these available (I am still working out how the digital material side of things will work with the City Library team – ie whether it will be a disc that we get or some other form of digital media).
In terms of a write up of salient points, someone in the audience would need to do that themselves, or otherwise Prof Simms could be contacted to see whether he has notes that he is happy to make available. That’s about the best that I can do with this request.