Nuclear Fission: Not Our Vision

Nuclear Fission: Not Our Vision

Jeff Angus
22 Feb 2008

Despite New Zealand’s long and justly, proud history of involvement in atomic research, including many positive uses of the products of nuclear energy, there are strong and convincing arguments against the implementation of nuclear power in New Zealand. There are a multitude of risks, but this essay will discuss a few that forcefully and repeatedly reoccur as arguments against resorting to the use of nuclear power. Even the serious concerns over global warming and depletion of non-renewable fossil fuels, with nuclear power being offered as a relatively low carbon emission energy solution, are not sufficient reasons for justifying the risks involved from the nuclear industry. For the purposes of these arguments, they will be restricted to those concerning nuclear fission, with nuclear fusion being outside the scope of this essay...

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Good piece, Jeff. Another bit

Good piece, Jeff.

Another bit of data I've seen (can't remember the source, possibly the Vales) is that Uranium and plutonium are also non-renewable fuels: If we were not to reduce global energy consumption, but simply replace oil with nuclear-generated electricity, we would run out of fuel in less than 75 years. Also, with a "rich" uranium ore yielding 1-2 grams of fuel per tonne of spoil, mining it wreaks havoc on the environment.