Susan Krumdieck addresses parliament in Belgium on Transition Planning for Cities and Personal Transport

Susan Krumdieck's picture

Transition Engineering researcher, Dr. Susan Krumdieck from University of Canterbury, has presented a lecture on planning for Peak Oil to the Walloon Parliament in Belgium.

In an interesting turn of events, I was brought to Brussels as an invited speaker and "overseas expert" to attend the ASPO 9 Conference.  I was also asked to prepare a lecture on my group's research work in Transition Engineering for transportation and urban planning.  Aparently the ASPO organisers had found the Dunedin Peak Oil Vulnerability Report which I delivered in December, and they thought New Zealand was leading the world in what to actually do about peak oil.  From what I saw at the ASPO9 conference in Brussels and the EU Parliamentary workshop on Peak Oil, it is quite possible that New Zealand and Australia are actually much farther ahead in their thinking than the rest of the Western world.  However, the distinction needs to be made that local councils, citizen groups and researchers in New Zealand are making progress in Transition planning, NOT the national government.

You can watch the presentation at the Parliment website - there is some French introduction.

The presentation slides are available also