'International Conference for Environment Centres & Community Activists' Sept 8 - 11

Greetings from the Manly Environment Centre in Sydney, Australia

Over 20 highly respected speakers confirmed

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There is a great worldwide movement to protect and preserve our planet. Environment Centres and community activists play a pivotal role in mobilizing the community energy to address global concerns.

This year the Manly Environment Centre celebrates 20 years as a shopfront office providing a focal point for education, research and advocacy. There has never been a more important moment in time than now to take action. In September, the first ‘International Conference for Environment Centres & Community Activists’ will take place. The theme for the conference is driving environmental change from the community, together.

Join us on the shores of Sydney Harbour in Manly, where together we have the opportunity to share our successes, ideas and visions for the future, to bring about necessary change in creative ways.

 “Humans must join together as a species to respond to the problems we face and accept that the laws of nature must take precedence over economics," - David Suzuki. 

Who should attend?

·        Senior representatives from Commonwealth, State/Territory and Local Government with responsibility for environment and sustainability and policy development

·        Non Government Agencies (NGO’s) with a strong commitment in the areas of environment, and sustainability

·        Environment Centres, Networks and Action Groups

·        Environmental Educators

·        Lawyers and students of the law (especially in the area of the environment)

·        Individuals passionate about environmental issues and who want to make a difference.


·        Download the PDF which details the invitation. This is an invitation for the first ‘International Conference for Environment Centres’ being held on the 8th – 11th September 2011.

·        To register visit the conference website www.mec.org.au/conference


·        Registering before 31st July 2011 offers you an added opportunity for a space to promote your organization.

Location / Venue: 
North Head Sanctuary, Manly, Sydney, Australia

'International Conference for Environment Centres & Community Ac

Manly Enviro Centre