Spring has arrived: time to clean up our creek!

Project Twin Streams and Te Atatu Endeavor Sea Scouts are co-ordinating a great event with kayaks, boats and stream-bank crews.

We hope you’ll join in the spring cleaning. Litter is ugly, affects bird and fish habitats, and negatively impacts recreational use of our waterways and harbours.

There are many ways to join in:

· Bring your kayak or canoe and launch alongside the Te Atatu Endeavor Sea Scouts at 12.30pm.

· Unload litter from the boats and collect rubbish from streambanks

· Learn more about Henderson Creek and the stream ecosystem

· Help with a waste audit and sorting

· Offer to be a volunteer co-ordinator, we have 5 volunteer roles!

· Clean up your neighbourhood and bring your collected litter to the Tui Glen waste audit and sorting

Don’t forget to RSVP so we can cater for a delicious afternoon tea!

Please bring:

- Safety gear for your kayak or canoe.

- Gumboots, old clothes and a wheelbarrow, if you have one.

Gloves and bags will be provided.

Contact Sara or Laura for more information—we look forward to hearing from you!
P. 838 7904

OPSC Henderson Creek 2011 flyer.pdf1.03 MB