Free Permaculture & the Student Revolution in Chile


Help us to Free Permaculture

Permaculture is already wild ... now you can make it free.

Since 2008 we have been running transformative learning events, otherwise know as the PDC, here in Chile. Since this time almost 400 people from all over Chile and Latin America have graduated with a permaculture design certificate recognised by the Permaculture Research Intitute. 10% of these people have taken the course free, or by work trade. But we just cant do it for everyone.

Meanwhile there is an education revolution taking place, our youth rising up and saying enough is enough. They are not only protesting for a new education system, but for structural change of a representative democracy and capitalist system that puts economy before life.

Little do the masses of students know it, but an education revolution is happening right under their noses, right here in El Manzano. And our advice to them has always been like this:

"So you want a new paradigm of teaching and learning? ... well now you can start your own"

We currently have some 180 or so young low income Chilenos on our waiting list for a scholarship. With a meagre USD$600 you can help a young leader to find empowerment and begin a lifelong learning journey. We are trying to raise USD$2400 to support 4 student in January 2012. You can read about our courses here.

Follow the link here and ChipIn with a donation today.