Roberto Perez visits Waiheke

March 8th

Roberto Perez, a world renowned Cuban biologist, and permaculture spoke at the Ostend Market and Waiheke Theatre about the power of community action and Cuba‘s response to its oil shock in the late '80s. In total over 300 people attended the two events. The theatre event also held a thought provoking session with a panel of experts in community action and sustainability; Roberto Perez, Dr Lesley Stone - an environmental scientist specialising in learning and change for sustainability, Prue Taylor - expert on climate change ethics and law, James Samuel - member of the Transition Waiheke initiative and Archer Davis - Group Manager for Transport Policy and Planning at North Shore City.

Roberto was inspirational, his key message was about the importance of community and that sustainability is ultimately about people learning to work together for a common future. He celebrated the achievements of his country and demonstrated through the Cuban experience that a lower energy future can provide us with fulfilling and dignified lives, excellent healthcare and life expectancy, great education, and a depth of sharing and community spirit.