Welcome to Transition Point Chevalier (TPC 2008)


We have four sub-groups up and running: a Gardening Group with its own Community Garden at the Old Homestead, a Library Group, and a Purchasing Group. A project subgroup also successfully organised a Treasure Hunt for Point Chevalier. And then there is our Resource Pool for community members who would like to borrow mulchers, hoes, juicers etc.

For more detailed information please see the minutes from our monthly meetings below. Archived versions from the previous years are available here: 2008 2009 2010 2011.

Our steering group is obsolete - we just need a party to finish ourselves off. We'd love to see you at one of our monthly meetings or a sub-group meeting! General meetings for 2012 will be held at different members' homes on the second Tuesday of the month starting at 07:30pm. There will be no meeting in December and January. Meetings for the year 2012 still to be advised.


Transition Point Chevalier - Mission Statement

TPC House Rules


Upcoming Events


Monthly meeting and marketplace: For 2008 dates and venues please see minutes below.


Community Fruit Tree Planting sub group meeting, TBA. Contact Jo for further details.

Purchasing group discussion, TBA, Contact Niki for further details.

Gardening group meetings, first Sunday of each month, 3 pm, Contact Deryn for further details.

Old Homestead Community Garden group working bees Saturdays 3 pm. Contact Heidi for further details.


Sub-Group Activities and Statements of Purpose

LIBRARY GROUP - "To get books and mixed-media in the public library and have associated displays and other events that will inform and raise awareness of issues relevant to Transition Point Chevalier"

GARDENING GROUP - "To enable and encourage the expansion and efficiency of urban sustainable gardens and food production."

COMMUNITY GARDEN at the Old Homestead - mission statement tba.

PURCHASING GROUP - "The purpose of the purchasing group is to put in place structures that provide access to food and other products consistent with the overall aims of Transition Pt Chevalier. To do this, we wish to create a purchasing community, in which we develop relationships with producers and suppliers and also strengthen our relationships with each other. Producers, suppliers and products will be chosen by the extent to which they met the following purchasing principles (note, these are not in order of importance and are not all relevant to all products): organic, local, fair trade, low packaging, as few steps as possible to the grower or manufacturer, cheaper than retail, high quality."

TREASURE HUNT - mission statement tba.


Past Events

GREENPLANETFM INTERVIEWS JAMES SAMUEL & FINN MACKESY ON THE URGENCY OF TRANSITION TOWNS - This <interview> has been recorded on 27 November 2008 on Planet fm with Tim Lynch. It is an exploration of opportunities and challenges in these times of change through the lens of Transition Culture. James and Finn always are inspiring speakers and communicate their ideas with passion and clarity.

POINT CHEVALIER LIBRARY - We had a display of books about sustainability, positive action, organic gardening, climate change and much more from Saturday November 15 - Saturday November 29. Please click <here> to see some pictures from our first ever public event – organized by our fabulous library group. Local author Niki Harré was speaking at 1pm on November 15 on creating a green community.


Monthly Meetings

The first 15 minutes of each TPC meeting will be a 'Marketplace'. This is where you bring things from home that you've grown, made or pulled out of a cupboard and don't want anymore. We also welcome information about local sources of food and other products that fit with the overall aim of TPC. No money will change hands, people are encouraged to give away or swap what they have to offer. Small scale co-ops may spring up as a result of information sharing and bulk ordering. Fill us in on your secret sources of local products and bring anything you have to give away or swap!

General meetings for 2008 will be held at different members' homes on the second Tuesday of the month starting at 07:30pm. There will be no meeting in December and January. For meetings in year 2008 please see the minutes below.

If you have advanced items for the agenda, please contact the chair of the appropriate meeting.

Agenda items for 2008: please see the minutes below.


Notes from the monthly meeting on November 19th, 2008

Notes from the monthly meeting on October 15th, 2008

Notes from the monthly meeting on September 17th, 2008

Notes from the monthly meeting on August 20th, 2008

Notes from the monthly meeting on July 16th, 2008

Notes from the first public meeting on June 18th 2008



To contact Transition Town Point Chevalier, please email.

Communications people for 2008 are: tba.


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