of the Coal Industry: Coal is the main body of the city's energy industry, long

four pillar industries, Wu Qi the 10th Five-Year Plan industry, f Evening dresses our industries accounted for the proportion of the city's above-scale industry is always in more than 80%, including energy, metallurgy two major industries the proportion of more than half of the industrial enterprises above designated size, the energy industry and living in the first pillar of the status of the Short dresses for women share The proportion has been in more than 38%. leader

metallurgical industry: pull Chifeng rapid industrial growth, Chifeng City,  Red bottom shoes the metallurgical industry has formed the Central Purchasing elections, the rule, supporting the production of non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, striving to Red bottom pumps develop an industrial pattern has become an important pillar industry to promote local economic development, accelerate the industrialization process. existing enterprises above designated size of

the city's metallurgical industry was  Prom Dresses 110, accounting for 29.3% of the total number of industrial enterprises above designated size of the city. To the end of 2007, the city's  Wedding Dresses 2012 various types of metal mining, the election, the rule of enterprises with total assets of 18.09 billion yuan, the city's mining enterprises have been formed processing 38 Cheap wedding dress 20 tons of ore, processing 32,980 tons and annual iron ore processing of various types of non-ferrous metal ores 1014.1 million tons of mining capacity. Smelting enterprises with certain scale of the Wedding dresses industry.

2007, the city's non-ferrous metal ore powder production reached 361,000 tons (metal content), including: 223,000 tons zinc powder, 122,000 tons of lead powde party gowns r, copper powder, 07,200 tons of molybdenum, 8890 tons (equivalent to 45% pure molybdenum); the city's iron concentrate production reached 2.959 million tons. The city's non-ferrous metal smelting products production reached 166,000 tons, of which: 77,200 tons of zinc, lead, 15,900 tons, 72,800 tons of bridal dress copper, 3800 kilograms of gold; the city's black metal smelting production reached 579,600 tons of crude steel. 2008

After the completion of the city in the wedding dresses construction of two electrolytic copper smelting projects and two lead smelting project, the city's electric copper production cap Pretty bridesmaid dresses acity will reach 22 million tons of lead ingot production capacity will reach 180,000 tons.

energy industry: the support of the city's industrial development

, Chifeng City, the energy industry has begun to take shape, the city is One of the leading industries of the city's economic and social development plays an important supporting role. The energy industry including coal industry, electricity, heat production and supply of oil and natural gas and water production and supply industry. In 2007, the city's energy enterprises above des designer wedding dresses ignated size 54, with total assets of 27.979 billion yuan. To achieve the sales revenue of 11.092 billion yuan, 1.823 billion yuan in profits and taxes, of which: profit of 773 million yuan, 1.05 billion yuan of taxes.

(a) of the Coal Industry: Coal is the main body of the city's energy industry, long a dominant position, plays an extremely important role. The city has about 3.5 billion tons of coal reserves. The coals are mostly of low-quality lignite, mainly in the Yuanbaoshan area, along the A flag cheap red bottom high heel shoes pingzhuang coalfield reserves of 16 million tons. In 2007, 47 of the city's existing coal production enterprises, producing 23,334,600 tons of raw coal.

(b) electricity, heat production and supply industry: the end of 2007, with the implementation of a number of key electricity construction projects, the city's various types of power generation capacity of 2,965,400 kilowatts annual heating capacity of 13 million GJ. There  simple wedding dresses are over electricity, heat 30, with total assets of 19.378 billion yuan; enterprises above designated size power generation of 13.835 billion kWh in 2007.

2008, with the number of power construction projects have started construction in 2008 the city's total installed capacity is expected to reach 4 million kilowatts, of which wind power installed capacity reached 1.06 million kilowatts. breakthrough in the mark of one million kilowatts, accounting for 26.5% of the total installed capacity of power generation, will take the lead in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the country's largest green energy industry base.

(c) of the oil and gas industry: At present, the city were found in two oil and gas resources, are part of the Liaohe Oilfield. A flag Horqin Oilfield into the test oil production in 1993, has put into the package the day temperature, Ma, home shop, the AC power grid three oil region, the total bearing area of ​​284 square kilometers, 48.26 million tons of wedding dresses vera wang oil reserves. There are various types of wells of more than 550 mouth, daily oil production of 300 tons, built up a basic one million tons of crude oil gathering and transportation skeleton engineering and the highest annual output of 500,000 tons of small and medium-sized oil field.

food industry: the vibrant green industry

food industry as traditional pillar industry in Chifeng City, in recent years has also been a rapid development. Product categories to further improve the growing scale enterprises, combined with the rich agricultural and livestock resources, so that the food industry has become

Currently, the city's food industry has been formed slaughtering and meat processing, grain processing, sugar, vegetables (Hanshan wild plants, fungi, food) processing, confectionery, convenience foods dairy products, canned food, spices, fermented products, health food, food additives, wine, beverage, feed the 15 product categories; with Prairie Xingfa Saifei Ya, Yanjing Beer (Chifeng branch) Angel Yeast (Chifeng branch), the Ningcheng old pits and so a number of countries, the regional food industry, famous enterprises and famous products. the

pharmaceutical industry: the most promising sunrise industry

Chifeng City, the pharmaceutical industry has a long history of development, China's pharmaceutical industry important bases. By more than half a century of development, especially in continuous development since the reform and opening up the city's pharmaceutical industry has formed a medicinal plant covers, chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, health materials, traditional Chinese medicine industry, pharmaceutical equipment and veterinary medicines various sub-sectors more complete system of the pharmaceutical industry; the red Pharmaceutical Group, Propofol Pharmaceutical Yitai Dan Long, well-known enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry in the state, regional and Lei Mengxin cold medicine, Chifeng brand ephedrine, sallow neomycin, oxytetracycline, and Dan Long medicine and other brand-name products.

end of 2007, the city's pharmaceutical enterprises above designated size 13, with total assets of $ 1.9 billion, employing 5497 people, the sales income of 1.217 billion yuan, accounting for the city's above-scale industrial The main business income of 2.2%; tax of 96.35 million yuan, profit 10.01 million yuan.