‘Atmos Totnes: the heart of a new economy’ campaign launched!

What we are asking”, Rob Hopkins of TTT told us, “is that Dairy Crest stands by their corporate commitment of recognising ‘that the company has a valuable role to play in the life of the local community’.  We live in a time of localism, of communities now having a ‘right to buy’ and also a ‘right to try’.  We are exercising those rights.  Dairy Crest have tried and failed to sell this site to developers.  We are where the passion, the ideas and the vision for the site are, and we represent the best way for Dairy Crest to be able to unlock any value from the site.  It’s time to make this happen”.
via transitionculture.org

See the website: http://atmostotnes.org/

Here's a great example of a local community working to take control of a valuable local resource, in this case a significant building. They're using a powerful and simple slogan and graphic: "The heart of a new economy".

When will we see some of this kind of action in New Zealand?