Heart TP: Transition Opportunity

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Rainbow Wiri
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Heart TP: Transition Opportunity

Kia Ora Friends,

En-suite room available @ Heartland Farm with the Heart Transition Project

This invitation is an opportunity for those looking to live on the land and develop a self-sustainable community network!

Over the past month we have been moving onto a 40 acre farm known as Heartland, which is located 40 minutes south of the Auckland CBD. Heartland is a bird sanctuary and horse breeding farm with 25 year old organic Orchards. The water is from a spring on the land, and has been found to be some of the highest quality drinking water in NZ. The land has been organic for 23 years and has a diverse range of plant species, rich healthy soils, established vegetable gardening areas and the potential for concentrated food farming. Heartland has been planted with thousands of trees, native and exotic over the years and has many mature fruit and nut trees. It is planted with NZ Natives from Kauri to watercress. Freshwater fish, eels and koura have been sited in the streams. There are over 50 edible and medicinal herb species growing in the pasture. This is an incredible opportunity as Heartland opens its doors for the very first time to a focused community of people to live on and with the Land.

We have 1 room to rent in the main house. The room has an en-suite for a couple, is north facing and opens on to the lounge which has potential for work/creative space. Rental for the room with en-suite is $120pw. The house is a lovely 140 year old Kauri villa with big bedrooms, lounge, verandah, huge kitchen, 2 fire places, and a beautiful grand piano. Basic living amenities are provided including creative space, carport, and access to fruit and water for personal use. We have also set up unlimited internet access.

Once we have the base rent covered by the first wave of tenants, a second wave of tenants (according to land capacity and facilities) can live on the land in eco/temporary structures.

A living space in the orchards will be provided for either $50pw or negotiated work exchange on the farm. The generosity of the landlord has incorporated into the agreement that once more people come to reside on the property, providing the base rent for both the cottage and the house is covered, that the income from the newcomers (whether they be in their own caravans, housetruck, yurt, tipi, etc) can reduce people’s rent gradually to a minimum of $50 per week per person plus expenses. At present there are several skilled and fantastic people interested in living at Heartland and contributing to projects in the Second Wave.

Our long term vision is to grow a network of self-sustainable farms and work towards a resource-based economy. By using a team-based systems approach, we aim to develop existing sites and construct new farms practicing permaculture values. Heartland's orchards are a living example of an abundance of organic food. We'd like to see this happening on more land in New Zealand and across the world. The potential commercial opportunities on the land through the trustee David's water business and the organic produce can help tenants work towards financial self-sufficiency working as well as living on the land.

Our aim for Heart TP is, with the help of the First and Second Wave tenants, to improve and maintain Heartland Farm while we live in balance with the natural systems that have already been established here by David's efforts and nature. When we are established we hope that Heartland Farm will be an arena for education and skill development and individuals involved in projects here will group together to offer other landowners the same investment of energy and care to their land, and in return enjoy living on the land and cultivating organic food abundance.

Our current projects include; planting winter gardens, composting, drying and preserving fruit, land resource survey, setting up off-grid hydro electricity. Over the past month Kere, Natalie, Dan, Geoff and Wiri have been cleaning, fixing and gardening, preparing the living spaces as well as collecting fire wood from the huge supply on the farm. Not to mention sharing delicious vegan pot luck dinners (there are meat eaters among us!) and organic fruit delights! We are already feeling the health benefits of drinking and bathing in the water here, as well as eating Heartland's produce. This land is energetically healing and cleansing.

This is an amazing opportunity for a transition initiative! We'd love you to come visit and get a feel for the land and the project if you are interested in joining us. 

Contact; hearttransitionproject@gmail.com

Photos; http://gs46.photobucket.com/groups/f124/SJILU53GA3/

From the team at Heartland Transition Project.