Green Screening - Architecture to Zucchini

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GREEN SCREENING - From Archictecture to Zucchini

7pm at REAP on Pyne Street, Whakatane

""Architecture to Zucchini" is an exploration of socially responsible businesses and the passionate leaders who drive them. These are the pioneers who have put the principles of sustainability to work. In the process, they've built thriving companies and sparked regional economic development. It also features insights of nationally recognized leaders of organizations that focus on sustainability — those who serve industry, education, communities and government.

Through interviews and tours in 12 case studies, these innovators reveal the impact of merging economic, social and environmental considerations in their business plans and operations. And they share everything from lessons learned to the challenges they've faced, even the unexpected opportunities for strategic alliances within and outside their industries".

Community garden

I would like to invite everyone to our first meeting for a community garden i am trying to initiate. Are you involved in any particular groups in the area. The more people you can bring, the better. I would like to get an idea from our first meeting, how many people would be interested in becoming involved. it would be a vege garden and orchard. I have a proposal draft i have been working on if you would like to contact me i will pass it through to give you a more thorough understanding. Like i said, the more people backing it the better. I need groups to make funding more viable. I am applying for funding this month however there are other funds available for June. I am working at the District council on a fixed term contract so am trying to get as much done as i can while im here. We will be meeting in the next couple of weeks. It is really looking viable as Council have reserves available that they could provide and funding, when i get the application perfect, should be a breeze. However all that doesn't work unless there is the community support.


My e-mail address is


I look forward to hearing from you. Keep up the good work.