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Free World Charter

I came across this the other evening and it looks rather interesting!

Perhaps it's time we had a Free World! While it may not resolve all of our issues as least it's taking steps in the right direction!

Richard Wiig
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Is Selling Evil?

You might find this article interesting:

A world without money would be a world where a useful tool that people value has been taken from them. It would require a centralised authority that directs peoples lives. Pretty much what we saw rise and fall with communist Russia.

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I think the Free World

I think the Free World Charter goes way beyond selling stuff there Richard. People value money because it is given value by a society who for the most part knows of no other system.
A world without money would actually encourage the opposite of a centralized authority. Such things as Time Banking work on a local scale, ie decentralized.

I assume you are referring to the Soviet Union when you talk about Russia, which definitely used money, and was about as communist (despite the label) as the USA is democratic today. In other words not much at all.

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