Well Being Basics Group Grey Lynn

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Well Being Basics Group Grey Lynn

The idea here is a weekly meet up where we get straight into the business of alleviating ailments and distress and feeling awesome.  I am in Grey Lynn but with abit of knowledge sharing, similar groups could be set up anywhere in the country.

In a nutshell I think everyone needs a good Thai Yoga Massage once a week and I can show you how to get one for free for the rest of your life.-You guessed the catch-you have to learn how to give one as well. Believe it or not alot of this can be learned by video but friends and I have regular swap nights that don't require tables or oils because it is a clothes on massage.

Lots of really good physical Pain Remedies too (technologies, balms and nutrients).


I am keen to lend people therapeutic magnets for pain and immune conditions  in exchange for video or audio testimonials. Some really promising feedback so far.


Get a real Aloe Vera plant and you may be able to avoid a cold for the rest of your life too http://ooooby.ning.com/profiles/blogs/seeking-aloe-vera-barbadensis-enthusiasts ...well as long as you take a little rest and don't wander around in the cold and stay up till all hours.


There is also the potential for a nutrient co-op. I have got a kilo of Spirulina, Barley Grass, Kelp and Bee Pollen which can be sold wholesale by the gram if you bring your own plastic bag. My favourite juice at the moment though is 1 knob of ginger+ 1 Beetroot+3 Grapefruit juiced with the skins on and then diluted with high quality water.


A small group has started on Wednesday nights 6pm  at Grey Lynn with a shared nibble plate. No charge while it is at peoples' places. PM me for contact details. Why not start a group at your place if our current time doesn't fit?

Cheers Tom

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Group meets

Hi Tom, what are the details please... I'm teaching a class this Wednesday but can join the following. I'm a Yoga teacher would be happy to offer a class for all interested..

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