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The aim and purpose of the Transition Nelson Food Group is to look at ways to relocalise food production, storage and processing, therefore building better food security and resilience for the region. It will look at ways to produce food more sustainably, with less relience on fossil fuels, as a local community lead response to Peak Oil and Climate Change.

Food Groups

Main Food Group started at Transition Nelson Launch

Below is a list of topics that were discussed at the first Food Group meeting on the 8th July. Click on any of them to find out more. You are welcome to join any of these groups, simply get in touch with the contact person directly.

Bread and Potatoes = Staples

Educating all ages to be gardeners

Food Exchange

No Dig Gardening Workshops

Open Orchards - Community Fruits and Nuts

Permaculture Training, Organic Growing and Animal Husbandry

Seed Saving and Preserving Food for long term storage

Strengthening the Farmers Market

The Growable Garden Show

The Transition Dollar

Water as food/storage/reticulation