Community Solutions for Today, Public Talk, WHANGANUI

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A public talk showing how we can: Revitalise, Reconnect & Make Resilient our community using the best working models available. Come hear this Powerpoint presentation by Laurence Boomert bringing forward the latest news in best can-do practices from across the world and New Zealand that are being applied at the local level.

Find out how we can:
Ø   create healthier, happier homes and neighbourhoods
Ø    prepare and make our communities resilient for harder times
Ø   strengthen and future-proof our local businesses
Ø   create employment by answering social needs
Ø   use Cooperatives & Community Currencies

Brought to you by:
Sustainable Whanganui & the Bank of Real Solutions

Koha Appreciated

Location / Venue: 
Quaker Meeting House, 256 Wickstead St, Whanganui