Energyshare cooperative news


Hi Everyone,


Energyshare is a renewable energy cooperative company thats been recently started in Auckland to enable people to have solar PV installed on their houses and for investors to make a fixed return on their money invested for making this happen.

The cooperative model is based on Energy cooperatives that are appearing in greater numbers in the UK and allows members to benefit not only via cheaper solar electricity prices but also share in any profits that the organisation makes over time.

More complete information is available by download here

Our next steps are to create the company consitution to then incorporate as a legal cooperative company.  This requires a prospectus and other documents as per NZ law which we're aiming to complete by Feb next year.  The intention at that point is to invite people interested in incorporating Energyshare as cooperative to join in becoming intitial members.

We'll post more information regarding products that will be offered by Energyshare by the end 2012.  Please feel free to get in touch at if you're interested in becoming a member, an investor (or both) or are interested in setting up a similar organisation in another NZ region.  And we would love from people who just want to get involved to make this happen in Auackland and throughout NZ.


Chris Olson

021229 0329