The evolving local food movement

With all the talk of local food and the increase in backyard and community gardens I guess it's not surprising that more websites are coming online to make it easier to find information, trade produce and setup enterprises which together are helping re-build the food web.

I've made mention of Ooooby in the past and the new Bucky Box initiative, two of my favourite home grown (NZ) initiatives.

Lately I've been supporting and following the Hawea Flat Food Forest project. Andy is the driving force behind this project and is making good use of social media, crowd funding and the open sharing of information.

The website which Andy told me about today is Practical Plants, a wiki with an abundance of information about just that, plants with practical uses.

If you're interested in being part of this growing and evolving local food movement, and so many of us are, even in small ways through purchasing from local producers, then you may find some of the links here worthy of some relaxed inspection over these holidays.