100% Possible Week of Possibilities

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The Week of Possibilities is happening nationwide, and we need your help!  

TAKE SOME PHOTOS of WICKED Transition Activities and sent them through  to the 100% Possible team. See: http://www.100percentpossible.org.nz/photo-wall/

Email ashlee@350.org.nz to be put in contact with your local 100% Possible group, or to set one up, and get involved in the week or with other 100% Possible activities going forward.  

How else can you get involved with 100% Possible?

In the months ahead we'll be displaying the abundance of solutions to climate change in New Zealand, running a nationwide speaking tour, making real local solutions possible, releasing reports and research, and connecting with MPs to build up a mandate for change.

You can be part of this nationwide solution. Step up and sign on to join our local teams.  Email ashlee@350.org.nz to find your local team, or to start a new one.

Plus, don't forget to sign and share the declaration to see New Zealand move beyond fossil fuels and add a photo of yourself with your idea for a solution to our Photo Wall!

Location / Venue: 
NZ WIDE + Online at www.100percentpossible.org.nz