A one acre food forest in Waihi

I got alerted to this project by Carl Pickens, while in the final weeks leading up New Zealand's first Food Forest Hui (Sep 26-28). More information on the Hui.

OK, I confess I have been somewhat obsessed lately with this food forest idea and all the activity happening around the country and the world. I believe we could create a more resilient and socially just society, if we could take care of our food needs, by putting more of it outside of the industrial and monetised system we have come to rely on.

If we accepted a challenge - to design stability into our society - we would almost certainly include food security and access to food for all. So let's use a diverse range of multi-layered systems, of mostly perennial plants that build soil (capturing carbon) while growing food.

If you are interested in exploring the potential for such systems, learning what is already happening, and being part of designing what could be, then please consider attending the Food Forest Hui later this month.


Waiheke - Transitioning a Community Orchard

Another project this week was the next stage of transitioning a community orchard to a food forest. We moved a total of 30 Cu M of mulch over two weekends, and the next step will be to sow ground cover seed and then begin planting the herb and bush layers.

Surfdale Food Forest 3 from Food Forest NZ on Vimeo.