Blueskin Wind: Control vs. Ownership

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Blueskin Wind: Control vs. Ownership

Please note that TONIGHT (WED 4th Dec) there will be an update on the Blueskin Wind Cluster. Control vs. Ownership, what does this mean? We began with an idea. We have built knowledge about small scale wind, accumulated infrastructure and skills and now need to create the development entity. There's more at stake here than just a small wind development at Blueskin Bay; there's what we want for our community and we're also considering what an electricity system that is based on 100% renewables would look like and how it will happen. Come along and find out about progress on the proposed Blueskin wind cluster and contribute your ideas to the next stage. (see attached poster).

Where: Waitati Hall

When: 7pm Wed 4th Dec.

Apologies for those you in Merton, Seacliff, Evansdale, Warrington, Osborne, Long Beach and Purakaunui (and Dunedin!) who will have to travel to Waitati hall for this meeting. Ideally we would be holding three meetings (Waitati, Warrington and Long Beach halls) but given the time of year and the work to be done we've kept it to one location, but we hope you will make the effort!

Location / Venue: 
Waitati Hall