Tool Library

Tool Library.

We have a venue and a collection of tools! Central Service Centre in King St has agreed to be a drop in point for all donations of hand-tools, and kick started the library with a Rotary Hoe! Mitre Ten has helped with a donation of some spades and forks, and trowels.  We are still accepting all contributions, so bring in what-ever spades, forks etc you have that you are not using and we will use them to help with the Garden Make-overs.

The tool library idea was inspired by Housing New Zealand who can provide tools to areas that are considered high need.  We fit their criteria, as there are a lot of Housing NZ homes in Opotiki region.  They are fully supportive of our initiative, including the vege-garden make-overs, and will be publishing an article about us in their next monthly magazine that goes out to all Housing NZ tenants.

We unfortunately have missed the funding distribution for this year, but will apply early next year for a fully equipped tool library.