Trish Allen's Trip to Cuba,

Thursday 8th May, 7pm to 9:30.

“20 years on - Cuba's social, political and agricultural adjustments to a post-oil economy.  What lessons are there for us?"

Trish Allen (remember Rainbow Valley Farm?) talks about her recent trip to Cuba for the International Permaculture Congress.

For the last 20 years, since the break-up of the Soviet Union, Cuba has had to adapt to living with very little oil.  Their's was a sudden crisis, but the whole world is slowly heading the same way, as oil production has peaked and the price continues to rise.

Trish recently attended the International Permaculture Congress in Cuba and will talk about the way the whole of Cuban society has adapted; using low energy transport methods, adopting co-ops and small scale sustainable agricultural practices, including composting toilets.

Bring questions/ideas for discussion. Bring friends who share the same concerns for living sustainably. Supper after.

Koha for Guest Speaker- home produce ???

Location / Venue: 
The Art Room, Whangaparaoa Hall, Whangaparaoa