Solar Water Heaters - Very affordable Price - Do you want one?

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Solar Water Heaters - Very affordable Price - Do you want one?

My Aussie Made Solarhart gave up on me about a month ago and now after 11 years of reliable use, it needs replacing..

What I'd like to do is now band together with other like-minded people, fill a 20ft container at manufacturers cost and bring them over. It's not buying locally I know, but the technology of the heat pipe tubes is simply the best in China at the moment and not available here.

I have been to a few manufacturers in China as I used to sell things on Trade Me and at one stage thought of selling solar (I did sell 5 solar systems). Now I just want to get the best price for everyone involved and just help facilitate getting good effective and efficient solar onto the rooves of NZ houses - mine included. (I am not going to make money doing this).

So, this is just to gauge interest. I have asked the manufacturer I visited for the new 2015 manufacturer's price list which has recently come out. I estimate based on previous lists that for around $1000 plus shipping plus GST you could get a 30 tube heat pipe solar collector to add to your existing hot water system. If you interested, please contact me.


And if this works, I'd like to get some PV onto my roof! Cheers