Climate Change Submission - deadline Wed 3 June 2015 5pm

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Climate Change Submission - deadline Wed 3 June 2015 5pm

Final submission from Transition Valley 473 - a Transition Town in Dunedin North. Please make a submission today and ensure the Govt. hears our message loud and clear!

Transition Valley 473 submission on Climate Change targets 2015-June 3 2015.pdf244.24 KB
Susan Krumdieck
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Climate Change Submission

Engineers for Social Responsibility and Wise Response have also made submissions that uphold the aggressive reductions prescribed by basic science.

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Submissions from Wise Response/ Engineers for Social Responsi

Great to hear Susan. So have the NZ Climate and Health Council Ora Taiao, Generation Zero, Greenpeace...

Scott Willis
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Blueskin submission

Great news everyone, and we've appreciated the sharing. Attached is the BRCT submission going in today.

Climate2015_BRCTsubmission.pdf 720.48 KB
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