Compost Toilet Workshop with James Bellamy

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Transition Town Pt Chevalier presents the Compost Toilet Workshop with James Bellamy



The reasons for compost toilets are manyfold: 

- civil emergency safe toilet option

- camping safe toilet option

- valuable waste becomes a safe resource (instead of swimming in it due to sewerage pipe overload)

- got the guts full (excuse the pun) of wasting fresh water and turning it into masses of blackwater

This workshop will give you the background info to build and safely handle your own compost loo.

When: Saturday 14 May 10am-1pm

Where: RSA Pt Chevalier, 1136 Great North Rd

Bring: tea mug

Cost: $10-20 self-assessed sliding scale

We only have 20 spaces, to register please contact Ellen

More info:

Our tutor is James Bellamy who helped many people in Christchurch to build their alternative to chemical toilets, which are an environmental liability.

Compost toilets combine human waste with a carbon-rich material, usually sawdust, and compost under hot conditions to produce material that is safe to use on the garden. Raw sewage never comes into contact with water or soil, and chemicals are not required.

Construction requires only plywood or particle board, screws, three buckets, and two toilet seats.

Workshop facilitator James Bellamy, who has used a compost toilet at his Whangarei home for about five years, said often the biggest hurdle was for people to feel comfortable putting human waste on their garden.

The compost toilets could be used inside and do not resemble a long drop, he said.

"It's all about changing that public perception, which is difficult, but once we explain it, a lot of people come around and see how simple it is."

The feedback on Christchurch's chemical toilets was that they were "not nice to deal with".

"A compost toilet, if it's done properly, doesn't smell and it's not wet. It's actually really dry because we're adding sawdust to the mix or a carbon material."

Community Workshop Series supported by Albert Eden Local Board.


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