November 2016 minutes

Apologies: Walter, Ally, Deryn, Ellen

Attending: Bex, Jenny, Anne, Niki, Guido


There will be no meeting in December due to the Christmas party.

Dates proposed to be 16th December in the Dignan St garden from 6pm.

Bex to light pizza oven from 4.30pm and make pizza dough.

BYO toppings (esp tom sauce and cheese) RSVP by 9th Dec.

Guido to send out invite to TPC list.

People encouraged to bring guitars for a sing along.

Optional bring one lucky dip prezzie, must be something you already owned, or grown or made.


Community consultation on waste recovery center attended by Niki and Ally. Ideas for having a repair café, and workshops. There’s an open day having a repair café- 19th November 10.30- 1.30 new recycle center open day horticultural center Great North Road, opposite Motions Road.


Community Garden is now meeting in the evenings on Thursday from 5pm at 25 Dignan St, at the bowling club as well as the Wednesday morning group meeting at 9am-12. All welcome.


Discussion about diminishing attendance to TTPC meetings.

Some reasons from people about why they aren’t coming:


  • Don’t feel like it.
  • Too busy other commitments
  • Don’t want to come as others not coming.
  • A feeling of why should I hold the space.
  • Not feeling they need to come if their partner comes.
  • Too tired.
  • Fear of being landed a job when they can’t commit to taking it on.
  • Prioritised putting time into other community activities.
  • Meetings are a bit boring.
  • Lack of good will towards group.

What is our mandate? What are the goals?

General opinion is that it’s building community, it’s a sane and safe haven in a crazy world, connecting with likeminded group, leadership sharing, group projects, sharing information.


  • Retreat day, day together weekend, shared lunch?
  • Underground session, talk deeply about these issues but you don’t come away with a job. Niki involved with these at University.
  • If we can include a meal it makes it easier for some to make it so they don’t have to rush to get dinner together before getting to the meeting.
  • Suggestion that we shift it to a night the bowling club kitchen is open- Weds night or Friday night evening although not everyone could make it if it changes from Tuesday night.
  • Make it more social and less meeting, eg possibly divide up the time 7-8 social, 8-9pm meeting?
  • Reduce the number of meetings, have some as just social gatherings and some meetings. Eg Quarterly meeting.
  • Having sub groups on specific issues communicate via Loomio so issues not relevant to whole group aren’t taking up too much meeting time.

As the next TTPC meeting isn’t until February, any feedback as to why people haven’t been attending and some suggestions of what we could do differently would entice them back are very welcome.

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