Opotiki Community Organic Co-op

Opotiki Community Organic Co-op Annual Membership Fee $40. 

A Transition Town initiative.


  • The price-list gets emailed out once a fortnight on a Thursday. Please always use the most recent pricelist, as the prices often change.
  • Orders and payment need to be received in advance the following TUESDAY for the order to arrive by Thursday afternoon.
  • Address for collection is 133 Richard St, Opotiki. I’m usually home in the afternoon.
  • Phone 09 9744388 (Yes, an Auck number, but it rings in Opotiki.) or txt 021 0332428.
  • To join send an email to kazel@slingshot.co.nz

Vegeboxes get delivered directly to your door, and can be ordered separately. Please give me your address the first time you order a vegebox.

Fees go towards the following:

  • Admin costs such as toll calls, printing, stationery etc.
  • Bulk purchases of goods for the co-op.

Freight charges for Chantals dry foods are an estimate.  Your actual freight charge will be calculated after delivery based on invoice and your percentage of total weight of order.  

Differences will be either refunded at end of term or are due by the end of the term.  

Chantals is often out of stock of goods we order.  This is part of the deal with organics, as they are not as big a warehouse as the supermarkets etc.  If you order and it does not arrive, you will be refunded the difference.  When things ARE in stock, it is a good idea to buy in bulk!

Chantals also reserves the right to change prices with no notice, and they frequently do.

Order by filling in the spreadsheet. Save it and then email it to me as an attachment. Or you can Ctrl A to highlight, Ctrl C to copy the whole thing, and Ctrl V to paste it into an email to me.

Payment instructions are on the spreadsheet where your total is.

All admin work, orders, etc will be done on a volunteer basis by Kazel.



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