Introduction to Whitianga

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Welcome to Transition Town Whitianga - 'Fit for the Future'

- Building Local Resilience and Community Connection -


The steering group was initially formed in Whitianga mid 2008.  We have been meeting regularly to discuss our backgrounds and relatedness.  From here, our first TT event is the launch on Sept 16.  This will be a 'social introduction' to the Transition Town concept and our contact list will be formulated.  From here, our aim is to have regular films and guest speakers - to increase awareness for TT Whitianga.  Workshops will be planned to formulate subgroups and look at areas where the community can be more involved.

From a social, economic, and geographic perspective, it is essential for Whitianga to be more self-sufficient and less oil dependent.  We have a strong community focus and a great wealth of people involved in the field of sustainability.  We see Transition Town Whitianga as a forum to pull these people together and help transform our community through education and awareness.  TT Whitianga aims to harness this individual energy and create a mosaic of skills, knowledge, and community spirit that will connect us all and move towards a more resilient and sustainable future.


Contact:  Jeanette Ida.

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