TT Opotiki Coast Charitable Trust

The steering committee in Opotiki Coast has decided that being a Charitable Trust is an essential step for us in being able to secure the kind of funding
we want to get some of our 'big picture' projects started. 

This has been confirmed by other organisations we have approached, who would like to work in cooperative partnership with us.

John Norman has donated his time to us to draw up the Trust Deed, and with his permission, when that is completed the Deed will be published in our resources for anyone to view.

The current trustees, all of whom are on the steering committee, are

  • Matt Bedford
  • Kazel Cass
  • Lynne Dempsey

 The stated Purposes of the Trust are:

  1. To promote and implement the aims of the Transition Town movement
  2. To develop a transition away from the use of and dependence on fossil fuels and to achieve that in a peaceful, equitable and considered way.
  3. To build resilience in local communities and in particular, Opotiki, for the risks from peak oil and climate change; and
  4. To support community projects in furtherance of such resilience.
  5. To encourage local production of food and economic activity generally for local consumption
  6. To strengthen and develop communities by promotion of family and group association.

The Trust is committed, in attaining its purposes to the following Principles:

  1. Respecting and implementing of the dual heritage of the partners or Te Tiriti o Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi)
  2. Using the concepts of consensus decision making and cooperation.
  3. Working cooperatively with others to provide environmental, and sustainable practices, and education.
  4. Maintaining the highest standards of personal integrity.