First meeting 29 Nov 2007 held at St Andrews on the Terrace

Rough minutes by Paul Kennett (feel free to fix any mistakes)


There was general agreement that we will start as a temporary regional steering group. With neighbourhood clusters of interest. We're still feel our way around the question of "what scale to start".

Step 1. Volunteers for steering group:

  • Juanita
  • Paul
  • Stu
  • Nicola
  • Marc
  • Celia
  • Natalie


Step 2. Awareness Raising

Note: Climate Change Day – 8 December, Civic Square in Wgtn

Let’s make a flier for that.

Add to Wiki a list of DVDs owned by group members.

Try to sign up people in each local community over the summer.

Talk to Dave Hansford about writing something for maybe the Listener or other mags.

Catherine volunteering to writing something in Wgtn newspapers.

Name ideas: “Transition Towns of Wellington


  • Crude Awakening showing and discussion, was shown at St Andrews on the Terrace
  • Mt Vic Crossways want to do something soon
  • Juanita ran a film festival on Peak Oil in 2005, film, speakers and discussion
  • Power of Community film shown at Newtown Eco house – people want a positive solution
  • Create a one page flier on “what you can do now” for people looking for practical answers

Email group – a Wgtn Yahoo Group has been set up by Celia. Lets use it for announcements only. Other discussion can occur via private email and on the wiki/forum.

Next meeting: Thursday, last week in January (31st?) 6pm start for all of us.

Paul to add links to Jo Duff's YouTube

The TT Criteria will be looked at next meeting (Nicola will add it to the next agenda.)

Facilitator for the next meeting: Stu Edwards.

Koha for use of room ($30 for the room) - koha came to $45 and Juanita refused any compensation for the coffee etc but suggested that we keep it for future expenses. So we have $15 unspent funds currently.